The Joys of Detoxing

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There are some medical advancements in Europe that I wish we could adopt in America. It’s always bandaids in the form of pills that can wreak more havoc than good (I could say some unkind words about the FDA, but if you can’t say something nice…). Especially in my case, I seem to be a living version of Murphy’s Law in terms of reacting to 90% of medications out there. This eventually led me to leave the typical western medicine world for functional medicine. I learned a lot and finally had some explanations for why I am the special cupcake that I am. 

Sadly, even in the realm of functional medicine I am a bit of a conundrum. I tend to react opposite of what would be the norm here as well. But, I finally posses answers that I didn’t have before. As we all know, when we have a reason for why our bodies are acting the way they are, it brings a certain amount of peace. I wish that didn’t matter to me as much as it does. One day it won’t, let’s hope that day comes sooner rather than later. 

To better explain the necessity of this IV treatment, I need to give a bit more of my background. So far my CIRS diagnosis is due to being exposed to toxic mold for a long period of time. My doctor was right, the gentleman that works on my AC found massive amounts of white mold growing in the ducts. He’d never seen anything like that before me. This led to a ton of remediation on my home. 

Once completed I was to start a detoxing program that involved a strict diet tailored to my personal sensitivities to food as well as the general list that are known to have mold. Then of course the supplements, a pile of them that could almost be the equivalent of a meal. I’ve lost count as to how many detox programs I tried. When you have a system that won’t naturally detox enough on its own and you have to force the issue- the results are painful, like a consistent 8-10 pain level everyday with a flu. Everyday was a struggle to get through. No matter how stubborn I am, eventually I’d have to stop the new regime.

You might be wondering what the point is to even continue with it when there’s this type of reaction. As long as there are mold toxins within me CIRS won’t go away. My body doesn’t seem to want to let go of the mold no matter how hard I try. It’s been 2 years of doing different types of detoxing now. At this point I really do feel like I’m banging my head on a brick wall. A little over a month ago I had planned to just let this go and see my doctor for maintenance. Before I could bring it up with him he started talking about this new IV treatment. He’d never tried it before but heard really great results from other doctors that are under the same company/clinic.

The way they utilize this treatment in Europe is kinda mind boggling. The uses are as follows:

  • Epilepsy
  • Neuro degenerative disease (MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, autism, or Alzheimer’s)
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic mold illness and other toxicities 
  • Viral infections
  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Gastroparesis 
  • Painful menstrual cycles  

It is one of the most gentle treatments out there, unless of course you’re me. So far they set you up with 10 infusions. But if you’re completely improved before then you don’t have to continue on. I haven’t done all 10, my issues with it progressed to the point that I couldn’t pretend everything was fine. I’m fairly certain I won’t finish it up. 

There is an upside to this, I swear. Even though my experience wasn’t entirely positive, I do believe there are a lot of people out there who would benefit from this. My next post will be a summarization of each week and the benefits I’ve received from it, as well as the negative side effects. 

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