Let Me Introduce Myself…

My name is Rachael and I’m 33yrs old. I’ve tried to start a blog so many times only to let my inner perfectionist overwhelm me. But enough is enough, I really want to help others and I believe this is the right platform where I can do that.

I originally wanted to start this by giving a synopsis of where this all began and what has transpired up until this point. Then I got overwhelmed in trying to write out a readers digest version of what is entirely too complicated. I suppose what it comes down to is that have CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response System). From what I’ve learned of CIRS it can cause all the health issues I’ve been labeled with through the years. The headache inducing aspect is how many health problems I have and how long they’ve been my constant companions. I’m pretty sure everything went screaming downhill in 8th grade. Since then it’s been a series of ups and downs that would make a roller coaster envious.

I’ve been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease in the past, but it doesn’t look like that was the case…or was it? I don’t know and knowing how I work I won’t likely ever know until it doesn’t matter any longer. I’ve also been diagnosed with epilepsy, the intractable kind which led to a VNS Implant. Don’t even get me started on my wicked migraines that don’t really act like migraines. Then there is my diagnosis of Gastroparesis/Motility Disorder (never fails to be embarrassing subject) and add in a flappy valve with a decent dose of acid reflex with awful nausea… that all creates a perfect storm in leaving me with an inability to find the right diet to this day. Last, but so not least, is chronic pain/fatigue with a neuropathy disorder, because why not? This is what I contend with in a day, and age is not helping matters.

What I don’t want is for this blog to be misery inducing when read. Due to all these difficulties I’ve made a lot of interesting discoveries that I wouldn’t have happened upon if my life wasn’t forced to be in the slow lane. That’s where the inspiration for the blog name came from, if life isn’t really slow then it’s almost at a dead stop sometimes. Stillness can imply negative thoughts and images-inanimate, lifeless, boring, and muted. Through still life paintings you can see the ordinary become beautiful, meaningless objects suddenly have meaning you hadn’t understood or seen before. I’ve had to revise my entire life over and over. There’s been countless disappointments, but through it all I’ve still managed to live a life, learned more than ever-I’ve found beauty in the small things and appreciate what I have even more.

I am going to be winging this, so here goes something.

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