Phosphatidylcholine IV

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I got to the end of this and had the thought the those who have epilepsy (or their loved ones) might not get to the end of this article-there was a lot of negative responses towards this for myself. Even though there were plenty of adverse reactions, it truly did help with my intractable epilepsy. I hope those out there who can’t handle the medication and don’t respond well enough to diet alone, still look into this. Now that being said, let’s get to the nitty-gritty details…

First Week:

The IV wasn’t as bad as it had become later on. It didn’t cause too much of a painful reaction in terms of body pain. I was on my menstrual cycle then and it made the cramping and low back tenderness much worse, but otherwise, I was okay at that time. Once I had arrived at home I was tired and achy, kind of similar to a cold. The next morning was terrible, it felt like a herxheimer reaction, not all that unlike when I tried Cats Claw and colloidal silver.

Second Week:

During the IV my head, muscles, and joints were hurting. My level of fatigue was a bit worse than normal and crashed on the couch when I arrived back home. My seizures were a bit worse for the first two weeks as well. Also, intended to get the munchies once it was finished. My stomach felt like it was trying to work.

Third Week:

I’d say by this point pain level was the same, headaches during the IV were moving up to my odd migraines. My neuropathy issues were worse as well, it was more noticeable by the third week and therefore my 5-MTHF (folate) supplement had to be increased to be more effective. I was starting to see a difference in seizures though (as in better control), and once more it felt like my stomach was doing better.

Fourth Week:

I had the shortest menstrual cycle, it ended up lasting only 4 days and it wasn’t nearly as painful or heavy. By this point, I truly saw a dramatic difference with my seizures and my brain fog wasn’t as bad either. But my pain and exhaustion levels were rising quite a bit. During the IV my body tends to react as if I was getting a tranquilizer. Supposedly, the average person will get a lot of energy during and after. It also seemed like my gastro system went a few steps backward. My issues with eczema kicked up on my elbows pretty bad and started to pop up on my knees too. I also started to gain weight even though my food intake hadn’t changed all that much.

Fifth-Seventh Week:

These three IVs were about the same. My stomach wasn’t doing better, it was kind of worse. My pain level started to go higher by the seventh week. My seizures though were still doing much better. It’s amazing to me, since as far back as I can recall, my pain level being high meant my seizure threshold was lowered a great deal. My menstrual cycle was still doing better as well.

Another oddity I noticed by this point was my neck popping all the time. I detest neck popping the most, it’s so gross. More importantly, is that it hurt (still does). Also, I had to keep up with my mineral supplements for muscle cramps. For whatever reason, the number of them increased.

Eighth Week:

I started to have an odd itch on the right side where my shoulder blade is. I figured it was my neuropathy acting up some more. About four days after the IV that itching area started to cause horrendous stabbing pain. It also seemed to aggravate my band pain (basically pain that wraps around my chest and originates from the spine). Itching increased and eventually, a rash started to appear on that shoulder blade, side, and one area on the top of my head. I waited three more days till I gave in and decided to go to an ER clinic. They diagnosed me with shingles. I hope I never have that again, shingles are so painful. Never mind the fact that the nerve pain/itching is still an issue and it’s been about three weeks since it cleared up. I’m having to keep up with Neurontin for now.

I’m obviously not the best advocate for long-term treatment with phosphatidylcholine IV, but I’m different from most people. I’m wondering if I couldn’t do these IVs at a low dose a couple of times for seizure control. So far it hasn’t been necessary, my level of control is still pretty good. I have to use my magnet more than when I was undergoing the treatment, but I’m still not using at the rate I did before. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts, and if I can prolong the benefit by taking choline in the oral form.

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