Self-Reflection and…Selfies?

This writing prompt/assignment was rather uncomfortable, which is probably a good thing. My bias against selfies will be quite obvious:

I feel like I should preface with the fact that I have a severe allergy to selfies. That being said, I’m about to contradict that sentence. I do have a semi-recent one from about 3 months or so ago. You’re probably wondering what on earth induced me to take one? There was a guy… I know, I know-what a flaming cliché that is. You probably even saw it coming.

I suppose most people my age have an idea of what lighting is best, what angle is most flattering, so on and so forth. I don’t have a single clue since I prefer to point the camera in the far opposite direction. I’m that person who makes a face which looks like a disgusted shocked Pikachu when my phone’s camera opens up pointing at me already. There may be even be a possibility that I break out in to song after I switch the camera back to the comfortable direction:

“Who is that girl I see

Starin’ straight back at me?

Why is my reflection

Someone I don’t know?”

Picture a less depressing version, more jaunty sounding and probably on the self-deprecating side. No, I don’t do Mulan any justice when it happens. But that’s beside the point-wait, what was the point? Ah yes, my dislike of selfies. I think anyone reading this gets the idea by now, and maybe a few share it.

I was sitting in my living room in front of a painting I was doing. I had the Lord of the Rings soundtrack playing in the background, I was in the mood to feel epic. At random, I decided to get it done and over with. Clothing-wise, I wasn’t wearing anything special, I’m painting so how could I? Just a faded Nasa t-shirt and yoga pants with some super fuzzy socks. As to my hair, it’s just a wavy/curly mess (my preferred look). My makeup is sparse, but all-in-all, it didn’t look too bad.

I won’t reveal how many shots I did before I settled on one that didn’t cause internal damage from cringing. But I did find that when I don’t directly look in the camera, it’s a bit easier to get through. That captured moment has a cute/awkward element to it, at least that’s the story I’m going with. I had a slight smile and my reddish curls were rockin’. I’ve never seen myself in the light others do, but my smile is something on the unique side (my dimples are a weapon- in a good way).

When I put my phone down, I remember feeling some eyes on me. I looked over my shoulder, my dog Annabelle and my sister were staring at me, they both looked confused and I think entertained. Probably offended on my behalf. I laughed it off, all the while dying a bit on the inside.

I bet you’re wondering about the guy. After all, he was the reason I did this. Did I build up any anticipation? I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint though. That’s a story for myself only, but I will say this. It didn’t work out between us, too many obstacles at this point in time. As to the selfie, he did like it quite a bit. It almost made it worth the pain of taking the photo.

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