Logic, The Lost Art

Picture yourself being diagnosed with chronic inflammation.

Let me paint a crystal clear picture.

One day you suddenly start reacting to everything. Foods that normally don’t cause an issue? They suddenly start to make you swell up, maybe a few annoying rashes here or there that eventually become painful raised patches. Probably an upset stomach in one way or another.

How about going to the car wash? That should be perfectly fine, right? Nope, you’re midway through a one of those run of the mill automated washes and that chemical smell slowly permeates the air. Suddenly your throat starts closing up and wheezing starts.

Maybe you have long history of indoor and outdoor allergies, but you have them mostly under control with various medications. Guess what? You won’t feel like you are on any type of allergy preventative. Scratches will show up on your body and face from itching in your sleep.

Say you want to do some sort of activity outside, and maybe you get bitten by a few mosquitoes. For example, if the bite is on the knee it will swell up the joint entirely and become reddened. This will cause you to ache in said joint too. It all arises from just a bug bite.

Add in that you already have other health issues like uncontrolled epilepsy with a stomach that’s two steps away from not working at all. Issues with inflammation end up affecting both of these areas a great deal. When your pain level is high your sleep schedule is nonexistent. When your sleep schedule goes on vacation your seizures become hazardous. Then those seizures feed into your already high pain level. It’s a vicious cycle that consistently feeds into each other.

Those small percentages of people that get screwed over with a bad reaction to medications and even supplements? Yep, that will be you. Every time you take in something new you run the risk of a flare-up that could potentially leave you off your feet for weeks if not months. The pain level will be through the roof, the level of exhaustion will leave you hardly even waking up. Your heart ends up feeling like it’s working too hard, and that leaves a discomfort that’s hard to describe.

Now that you’ve got this small snippet of an idea, then you hear about the vaccine causing inflammation-based health issues on normal people.

A career? Family? Friends? A decent quality-driven life? It’s not easy to maintain or obtain it. What little you do have will become precious, so is it any wonder as to why I don’t jump when the medical world says to do so? Having a doctor-of all people- still say I should get the vaccine? it blows my mind. I don’t feel like adding a slew of new health issues to my already exhausting list. The vaccine wasn’t even created to prevent getting covid, it was to help mediate the more serious aspects of it. Which, I’m sure you’ve noticed, isn’t even doing that great of a job since people are still coming down with it bad enough to go to the hospital. To top it all off, it’s still yet to be approved by the FDA.

Logically speaking, how smart of an idea would it be to get the vaccine with this type of background? Hopefully, it’s redundant for me to point out that the question is rhetorical.

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